Our Wholesale

Our Wholesale


a. Free design consultation service
By having a team of design who are very reliable and creative. We provide consulting services for designs for FREE. The process we will do is we can provide sketch drawings by hand for the jewelry sample finish products that the client wants only within a maximum period of 7 working days (depends on quantity)


b. Guaranteed of the jewelry sampling maximum 7 days
We will always ensure that the fastest and most accurate sample jewelry is made for clients who want to make products at ATA. For sampling production standards in one type of design we need 2-4 working weeks, depending on the level of difficulty of the design provided. This is outside or without the delivery time that will be required to the destination of the client.


c. High quality and finishing by Hand-made design process
Bali jewelry is well known for its very high intricate designs with hand made method internationally. With that our production always combines the process of making by reliable hands with modern technology to create very spectacular silver jewelry collections.

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