Our Factory

Our Factory

Angel to Angel opened the Factory in the BALI, with a passionate team of jewelers working on one of a kind art wear pieces focused on elevating traditional craftsmanship techniques into new levels.


a. Production facility.
Our production facilities have an area of 50 x 30 m2 by having several facilities such as Design room facility, Hand-made Production facility, Casting facility and Plating facility.

b. Design Service facility
We have a design team consisting of designers who have very reliable work experience in authentic traditional Balinese design combined with modern design, who are ready to help with the needs of clients both from designing their original idea design to the creative design that we have created.

c. Hand-made facility
The Angel To Angel’s collections that we created have the highest quality intricate finish silver jewelry and we always maintain consistency by relying on handmade techniques that has been handed down by Balinese tradition of our ancestors.

d. Casting facility
Our company always follows the trend of technology in the world of jewelry today. And to speed up the production process that we have, we combine casting technology and our special efficiency mass production line method that has international standards to produce the best possible jewelry products in the market.

e. Plating facility
We always strive to be at the forefront of the jewelery world, by convincing our clients that every item made by ATA production always lasts longer because we use a plating and ecoating system to keep the oxidation changes from being blacked quickly.

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